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Summer Essential Oil blends for your dryer balls

Did you know you can add essential oils to your woolly dryer balls to give your clothing a scent in a less toxic way?

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How to create a cleaning schedule that works for you

A good cleaning routine can save you money. It’s true! Keeping your home clean and clutter free can lead to many more benefits than just the look and feel of a clean home. A clean home changes the energy of the home and creates a feeling of calm and inspiration....or at least that's how it… Continue reading How to create a cleaning schedule that works for you

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5 ways to reduce dust in your home

Dust is something that will always accumulate in our homes, but we can always remove it, and reduce the amount of dust on flat surfaces, floors, and in fabrics. Take these steps to reduce dust, and properly remove it when it does appear, and you'll save yourself a lot of extra housework, as well as… Continue reading 5 ways to reduce dust in your home

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Why does Norwex cost so much??

Why Norwex costs more than other microfibers Quality. Hands down, without a doubt. There is a major difference in quality. This is not microfiber you can get anywhere else. No, it's nothing like the microfiber you buy at Target or the Dollar Tree. I own those too... they are nothing compared to Norwex's Microfiber. Here's… Continue reading Why does Norwex cost so much??

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35 ways to use cleaning paste

Clean and polish stainless steelClean porcelain sinksRemove ink or stains from countersClean and de-grease stovesDe-grease oven doorsRemove soap scum from tubs or shower floors Remove dried hairspray from styling toolsDe-grease microwavesRemove rust stainsMake tennis shoes look newRemove hard water stainsRemove scratch marks from dishesRemove armpit stains from clothingRemove burn marks from posts, pans, and appliancesUse… Continue reading 35 ways to use cleaning paste