About Kristi

Kristi Christensen                             Norwex Independent Sales Consultant

What the heck is a HedgeWitch and WHY did you call yourself that??

I’ve always been an herbal, oily person. I am a certified herbalist and I have a degree in history.  I cannot use “normal” household cleaners or air fresheners because they made me feel very sick. {Like most people, I enjoy breathing, you know. } I’ve used Norwex products to save me from buying chemical cleaners… it was world changing for me! Norwex products incorporated nicely with my herbal cleaners and oils. Plus it saves money!

I’ve been in Direct Sales profession for over 13 years, and in social media space for the last 8. My journey began with Norwex in the fall of 2016. I chose Norwex because the company’s mission spoke to me… it called to my soul in a way other products didn’t. It lined up perfectly with my personal mission as well as the work I already do.

I firmly believe that if we do not take action now, there won’t be natural places for our grandchildren or hell, even our children to enjoy. Our planet needs help and we can make a difference, even if it’s just a small step at a time. We can reduce the amount of toxins we use in our homes and pour down the drains.

I started with Norwex with the goal one goal in mind: I am going use my commissions to support conservation organizations and earth friendly charities AND I want lead a team with the ideals that everyone should wake up in the morning excited to work. No one should be stressed or sick because the have to work. I mean to reverse the thinking that the business world of the 80s and 90s taught. We shouldn’t be miserable at our work. We are not meant to grow up, pay bills and die.  Just no. Not on my watch!

My team is encouraged, treated like humans, fulfilled and happy to work. We have freedom and it feels oh-so good! I love them dearly and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Historically, the name, Hedge Witch, comes from days of old when villages were separated by forests. The edge of a village where the forest began was called the hedge. In most villages there was an herbal practitioner, who lived in the forest or near the edge of the forest. This was the person the villagers appealed to when there was no doctor, or the doctor couldn’t cure them. The practitioner who lived by the hedge and practiced herbal art of healing.

So, when it came to a name I thought “I might as well just be who I am” and here I am, sharing knowledge and helping others find good cleaning methods for their homes and families.

Just saving the planet… one cloth at a time!