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4 things I learned in my second year with Norwex

1. Focus on the online platforms that are comfortable and stop trying to do all of it all of the time.  I love scrolling through Instagram, almost as much as I love scrolling through Pinterest. I love photography and the addictive videos that Instagram offers. It's easy to just consume a lot of content in… Continue reading 4 things I learned in my second year with Norwex

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Top Tips before you join Norwex

Guys, I am obsessed with the educated decision. I really think a prerequisite to starting a business should be knowing all the facts. Research and facts. Make sure Norwex {or any company for that matter} is right for you.  Do you like to clean? Do you like it when your family and/or your children help you… Continue reading Top Tips before you join Norwex

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2018: Theme Word “Visibility”

It's almost the 15th of January. That's significant because it's the day that most Americans start to abandon their New Year's Resolutions. It's the day that it's just easier to go back to the way you were and not the way you want to be. This year I did not set resolutions - I tried… Continue reading 2018: Theme Word “Visibility”

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Join Norwex for Free in September

Before I share with you some info about the best company around… let me tell you a little about me. I’ve been in Direct Sales profession for over 13 years, and in social media space for the last 5. My journey began with Norwex in the fall of 2016. I began because the company’s mission spoke… Continue reading Join Norwex for Free in September

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FIND your vision

It's January! Not to be cliche buuuttt, let's talk about the future...this year... plans and such. I know, some of you are sitting there, staring at your phone thinking "Kristi, I've already thought about my goals... I've already put them down. Or, I dunno what to write so I just haven't yet." Lemme talk to… Continue reading FIND your vision