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A tiny update…

I started the Magic of Clean two years ago with the mission of saving the planet one cloth at a time. Since then I’ve met plenty of awesome people down the road and some of them have helped me think through what it is I’m really on a mission after. I still believe with my whole heart that conservation will be second nature and that our planet and species need us to clean up our act (pun intended) but I’m not so sure that being product first is the direction I would like to continue in. So, while I’m contemplating all of this; just note there will not be any real updates to this blog until I’m finished. You’ll have to stay tuned to see what shows up next!

Currently, I am in a transition phase of this business, and during such…we are under “construction”. This site is being updated and reorganized to better serve the readers and  community, while allowing a change in plans as well.

Join me on this journey of self evaluation over on Instagram:  We’re still talking about cleaning and conservation… but I’m also learning to  water color, I’m writing a book and  I work for a nifty non-profit during the day too!


As always, thank you for being here and supporting my business  I really really appreciate you all!


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