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Kristi in a nutshell | 12 things you didn’t know…

Well, depending on who is reading this –you probably DO know some of these things. *waves excitedly at Carli *

I don’t keep these things secret but they’re not public I guess either.

  1. I hate salad dressing but I like salad. I thought I was just a fat kid that hated salad, but no, I just hate salad dressing on the salad. Almost as much as I hate salad made with iceberg lettuce. ick.
  2. My best and favorite childhood memories involve a campfire during a camping trip.  Camping was one of the few vacations, my parents were very traditional about. We ALWAYS went camping as a family every summer. They were totally different people when we were there too — laid back and not as strict as they normally were at home.
  3. I wanted to be a high school history teacher. Yup, I went to college to teach and history is a passion, it just made sense. Instead, I study history, write about history and correct people on the internet.
  4. I will never work for another for-profit company again unless it’s my own. I adore non-profits and I love knowing that I am making a difference in other people’s lives.
  5. I wrote a book but I’m afraid to publish it. 
    There’s something about having other people read something I’ve written in such a formal format…. says the woman writing a blog. I didn’t say it was rational! haha!
  6. I cannot eat spicy foods: not at all. I’m very sensitive to spice.
  7. I lean towards earth-based religions. I was a couple different flavors of Christian during my younger years but as a student of history, I’m more interested in the oldest belief systems instead. They have always pulled at me and so that’s where I am now.
This is going to be me in 20 years…

8. Grizzly Bears are very important to me. *this shouldn’t shock anyone* My dream is to support Grizzly Bear conservation every year as a major donor to the Living Northwest Conservation Project.

9. I play a lot of games; World of Warcraft, DnD, RTSs… wanna play something? Lemme know!

10. I’ve started learning how to watercolor in 2019.

11. I love that garlic parmesan bread from Costco’s bakery. I could just eat it plain all day.

12. I was once indirectly struck by lightning. It was awful, I do not recommend. My house was struck as a storm passed over and I was touching my computer mouse to turn off my computer when it happened. I couldn’t let go of my mouse and all I did was scream until it exited through my foot. I am lucky but it was not something I’d like to ever do again.

Ok, there they are, all 12! Anything else you want to know? Join our community cleaning group and come hang out with me!

The Magic of Clean Community

oh look a grizzly bear… hmmm


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