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Norwex Products for the Beginner

Not your mama’s cleaners…

It’s easy to think about cleaning in steps. First, locate the dirty thing. Second, clean the dirty thing. Third, dry the now clean thing. Fourth, threaten the family if they ever mess up the now clean thing ever again, they’ll never see Christmas presents again.


Norwex makes this process super easy. For most household cleaning you can use a wet or damp Envirocloth to clean and scrub. It’s really that easy. This ain’t your mama’s or your grandmama’s cleaning regime — we know that. It’s different, but I promise it’s better. Better for you, your kids, the environment… everyone.


An EnviroCloth can also be used dry to dust if you so choose. There are many many many uses for this cloth — and that’s why it’s our flagship product! We’ve been making and perfecting this microfiber super cleaner since 1994 and it’s our favorite!

Learn more about the silver and how it works HERE

What CAN you use your Envirocloth for you ask? Oh…. just about every surface in your house:

Ues for Envirocloth
The Enviro has a best friend… the Window Cloth

Just like peanut butter and jelly, hugs and kisses, coffee and me go together — the Enviro also has a BFF. The window cloth goes right behind the enviro to dry and polish. It’s super useful on mirrors, bathroom faucets, glass doors, windows, those shiny parts on the car, silver… etc.

Window Cloth

Did I mention you can wash and dry your windows with these two BFFs and WATER? Think of how fast you’ll get through those pesky windows without juggling a spray bottle too. Even better… you could make your KIDS wash the windows!

Plus if your kid likes to touch windows and sliding glass doors OR they spit toothpaste everywhere in the bathroom – you’ll save not only time but MONEY. You can buy these 2 as a bundle and save more money!

It’s also comforting to know that if the toddler licks the window he’s not ingesting ammonia or worse.

Dusting Sprays are so 1990s…

Dusting sprays make you spend more money. They do. You spray that oily stuff on your furniture and wipe. It’s not actually removing the dust by the way. You’re just sticking the dust on the furniture with the spray. What happens when you spray something with oily sticky stuff? The newly accumulated dust is now on top of the spray which is on top of the old dust… and it just keeps layering and layering…  Have you cleaned the top of your fridge lately? You know that accumulated dust and grease up there? Same concept. Except this spray smells vaguely like lemon.

You do not need dusting sprays or furniture polish to dust your home. They are a waste of money, they are expensive AND they are terrible for your lungs.

Dusting Mitt

We use the Norwex Dusting Mitt – it’s a high pile microfiber, just like the envirocloth and it has a static charge that helps attract the dust and keep it locked in the fibers. We don’t play around and we want you to get done fast! It’s a mitt so you can pick things up with it and dust them and the surface they live on.  Plus, the dusting mitt is part of the household package to save even more money!

I shall sweep…er.. ‘Mop’ you off your feet!

Once you’ve got your surfaces and your “dust-ables” clean, it’s time for floors. Norwex makes a fabulous mop system that takes their microfiber to the next level… or the ground level? (See what I did there?) With the same high-quality microfiber and just hot water, you can clean all your floors quickly and without the use of harsh cleaners but without a mop bucket too! Floors dry so much faster and are cleaner when you use microfiber.

Mop pads in action floor care

No matter what kind of floor you might have — we have a mop pad for you! Plus the mop system comes in 2 sizes and 2 different colors!


Best way to save on your mop? It’s part of the “Just Add Water package”

There’s more where that came from…
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Want to learn more about our other products? Need to know what I cannot live without?

Need to know more about our enzyme products and how they work?

Featured Image_Norwex 101_2

Want to know more and ask all the questions or even just hang out with us?

Join our cleaning community: The Magic of Clean


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