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Goals I want to achieve before the year ends

November has always been the month that I tend to get down to the core of what I want for the next coming year. I plan hard and I ponder on logistics and processes. I use the holidays as an excuse for how quiet I am during this very deep thinking and planning session. Some years it lasts days…others it has lasted weeks. There was one year that I planned and dreamed all the way till January.

So, here are my 4 Goals I want to achieve before the year ends:


Sell  all of my inventory 

Every year I plan to sell out all of my inventory and start fresh in January. This year I will do it. I don’t have that much left, but it feels so very nice to buy all the new products that are released in January and have room for them in my office. Generally speaking, I’ve never had a very good plan for selling it all. I usually end up at some vendor events and some of it sells there…but I’m not sure I’m going to sign up for as many as before. But anyway, the plan is to be inventory free before January.

Complete NaNoWriMo

I have never tried to complete 50,000 words written in a year let alone a month! I’m not writing a novel, I am writing on a couple different projects every single day in November until I reach the magical 50k milestone. I cannot “win” NaNoWriMo like this, but I don’t think it matters at that point. Writing daily has been a goal for years and this just might be the habit-forming month I need to get going. I cannot wait to share more value posts about not only Norwex but life in general. I love to clean but I really love to write more. Helping people clean better by writing is the most perfect circumstance.

Help more Consultants

10 ways to sellI want to help more consultants, any consultants, not just Norwex. I want to help them run their businesses more efficiently and productively. I want to help Norwex consultants share more value to their customers by writing and creating posts on social media that help them share the message without spamming their family and friends.
I want to help my friends in other Direct Selling companies find their voice and start their own branding. I will help anyone start a blog…because only 3% of all direct sellers in any company blog. Even though blogging is one of the best ways to become “found” and to market passively. It adds value to a business and makes your job easier over time because you can share the same article over and over as needed when guests, customers, and contacts ask the same kind of questions about the products.


Get through the Holidays without  anxiety

I have anxiety. I’ve had plenty of panic and anxiety attacks over the years. Most of them were caused by the job I had for the last 5 years. I no longer have that job, but there’s something about the holidays that makes me a little batty. I like things to be just so and if it’s not working out then I start overthinking it all until I’ve worked myself into an attack. Running a business through the holidays is one of the toughest social things I put myself through. I want my customers to be happy and I want their orders to get out on time… but there is always a bump in the road somewhere along the way. My plan is to not do things that cause those flare-ups. I work a different job now, it’s not stressful. I’m drop shipping all orders this year unless it’s from my inventory. I have already purchased shipping supplies for Christmas shipping – padded envelopes, flat rate boxes, tape, and labels. I have postcards scheduled to mail via a service this year. Cross your fingers for me!


…and that’s my short list of things that I want to make sure I accomplish before January 1st
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