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My Top 10 Norwex Products {I cannot live without}

Most people when they first find Norwex they buy the basics; an envirocloth and a window cloth and possibly a dusting mitt. This is the Norwex household package and our ‘trifecta of clean’. What about after that?

After you’ve fallen in love?

Do you want to clean your home with just those two cloths forever or are there more tools you could have in your arsenal of Norwex to make cleaning your house even faster and easier? Well, you’re in luck!

Here are my top 10 products I cannot live without — products I  use regularly plus some of my family’s favorites as well because Norwex wasn’t just a change for me… but for all of us!

Body Cloths

Get a good scrub on with these awesome cloths. No need for soap in the shower! I’m not joking – I shave without using shave cream now and these exfoliate wonderfully.

Makeup remover Cloths

These remove all your makeup even the stubborn waterproof mascara and lip stains. I use Younique’s fiber lash and Lipsense lipstick and it pulls it right off with just water.

Mop System  specifically  with the chenille mop pad

The chenille mop pad is the best product for animal hair and crumbs.

Kitchen cloths and Towels
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Pick a color any color! These pick up everything from a liter of liquid to big fat crumbs from your kids’ sandwich. Plus the kitchen cloth and towel sets are on sale!


Got ceiling fans that look gross? High up cabinets that you *know* are just covered in dust? This is the tool you’re gonna need.

Optic Cloth and scarfs

Optic scarfs or cloths are not just for glasses but electronic screens, TVs, phones,  phone camera lenses, sunglasses, 3DS screens, Nintendo Switch/WiiU gamepads, computer monitors…this list could go on and on.

Microfiber Cleaner

Need to know how to deep clean microfiber? Click HERE for more info about this cleaner or if you want to deep clean your microfiber old school click HERE for that process.

Laundry Detergent

More useful diluted in a spray bottle than any other cleaner I’ve ever used in. my. life. I love this laundry detergent almost as much as I love microfiber!

Silicone Lids

Best damn mug cover to keep your coffee or tea warm while you go figure out why the toddler is silent. Also quite nice while camping because they’ll keep bugs out too.

Enviro Sponges

I love my enviro cloth — BUT sometimes I just want to clean up with something smaller and hand sized. These stay in my kitchen all the time and are used for not only dishes but the counters and cupboard fronts too. I love the scrubby side for the stove and for everyday messes.

More than one?

I also highly suggest if you are looking to bulk up your Norwex collection that multiple colors of the same product are a great idea.

  • I currently have different colored envirocloths for different areas of my home. Pink for bathrooms, blue/purple for kitchen and green for everything else.
  • My husband and I have our own optic cloths for electronics.
  • We all have color-coded body cloths. Husband is always yellow, I’m pink or purple and The Boy is green. I bought multiple packs at a time so I can always rotate them out and keep them fresh. Because let’s face it, my “boys” need more cleaning in the shower.
  • I keep a dusting mitt and a window cloth on each floor of the house {differnt colors of course} so I never have to go up and down the stairs to grab one.
What happens if you want it all but can’t afford it?

This is going to sound totally cliche and it is, really, but the best way to get EVERYTHING you want is to host a party. You will receive so so so much product for free and at a huge discount for hosting. Parties can be in-home, online only or a ye ol’ catalog party. Now, most of you know I only do online parties, so if you have your heart set on something more in person, no worries! I have plenty of consultants to hook you up with 🙂

Read about why parties are the best right HERE:

The second best way to get everything you want and get a great discount is joining as a discount consultant. Wait until Norwex runs a free kit special, snap up that consultant kit that has no strings attached and enjoy 35% everything you want — PLUS free stuff because you’ll be able to put in your order as a host and you’ll earn the party rewards.

You can read about our team and team culture HERE

Thirdly, if both those options are not the ticket for you — buy in sets and join my cleaning community.  Bundles are Norwex’s discount specials in the back of the catalog. Take a look HERE


You can request to join The Magic of Clean HERE. We’ll keep the coffee going for ya!


Questions? Thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!


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