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4 things I learned in my second year with Norwex

2nd year
1. Focus on the online platforms that are comfortable and stop trying to do all of it all of the time. 

I love scrolling through Instagram, almost as much as I love scrolling through Pinterest. I love photography and the addictive videos that Instagram offers. It’s easy to just consume a lot of content in a small amount of time and it’s enjoyable.

But, as a content creator and a marketer… I HATE Instagram. It makes me crazy when figuring out how to manage the right copy, the right photo, and the hashtags! Ugh.

At the beginning of 2018, I was using Instagram regularly. I was also using Facebook and Pinterest and blogging here on this site.  After the first couple of weeks of planning out posts for everywhere… I started letting some places slide a bit. I stopped writing and I stopped pinning; even though those two things are my favorite! I started really pouring my marketing time into my facebook group and my business page.  The results of focusing on Facebook paid off, but the rest of my marketing started to suffer.  So I stopped fighting myself; I gave up using Instagram for business. I stopped beating myself up for not making more Youtube videos. I communicated to my team group that I wasn’t doing any other special training for a while (which was fine, since it was mostly my upline’s team I was training anyway and not really my job)  I gave myself permission to do what I liked and I stopped doing what I didn’t like.

It wasn’t until the summer, the end of July or so, I realized that Pinterest and my blog are a match made in heaven. I love writing and I love Pinterest. WHY wasn’t I utilizing the social media that I enjoy?? In June I had revamped my boards and started pinning all sorts of new things. I updated all the information and made a clear choice to funnel pins to my blog or back to my Facebook group to grow my community.  It wasn’t until right before my family’s camping trip that I realized how that burst of action started to change my business. While on vacation, in the middle of the woods, I had text messages each morning with orders that had been placed on my website. FOUR random people who found me on Pinterest were lead to my blog and then decided to shop on my site. My customer base was growing and all I really did was something I really liked to do! Pinned interesting things and my own content. Sometimes it just takes the right light to see something in a certain way for the first time.

2. Follow up and Follow through are the king and queen of business.

I am the worst at follow up and I didn’t like that I was so bad at it. If a customer was in my cleaning community/facebook group, then I absolutely was having conversations with them at least weekly. But, there were a lot of things I was forgetting. I should have been keeping track of everyone’s purchases and such. I also wanted to keep better track of my vendor event customers that never made it into my group or anywhere else for that matter. They were just sitting there on a list in my back office. I never even asked them if they liked the products they purchased.

So I changed that. It took time but I created a database in google drive (because google drive is so convenient.) I started adding people into it and updating them a little bit each day. Every time some new information came up about a customer or a potential customer/lead, I added it to the database. It’s not finished, it will always be a work in progress, but it’s helped immensely. I have a master list that houses everyone from every place they come in at; vendor events, blog, Pinterest, Facebook parties, out in the wild…etc. And, being that organized feels amazing.

We are in the relationship business, how else would we build relationships with people if we can’t keep track of them?? I’m one person and I have about 200 contacts in my database. There is no way I can keep up with them in my head. and neither can you!

If you’re a consultant and you need a database to use, comment below or click here to have a clean copy of my database structure sent to your email.

3. Keep the vision and keep going…

I am impatient. Sometimes.

I want to see the success fast and I want it instant. If it’s going to fail I want to fail fast so I can try something else even faster. I have learned to hold my vision in mind and keep going even if it doesn’t seem like it’s working, yet. It will.

My goal has always been to grow my business online. I supplement with vendor events because I enjoy them and they are fun. Otherwise, I like working online, I enjoy creating marketing and making videos. I love to write and I’m determined to grow this without doing a bunch of home parties each month. I have anxiety and for some reason, home parties freak me out. Once I’m there I’m “ok” but not really behaving like me. I am wildly uncomfortable going to other people’s homes to do a party, I’d rather be behind my computer screen where I only have to be face to face with my phone for a Facebook live portion of the party.

Despite all of that, sometimes I still doubt myself. As if, it all were too slow and that my progress is for nothing.



 4. My husband is probably not going to help

That sounds a bit harsher than it really is.

Mr. Christensen is a fabulous guy, who would help anyone, anywhere. Gotta car problem? He’ll help ya. Gotta computer problem… he’s your guy too. Need advice because he’s been around the block a couple times in his life? Yup – he’s got you fam.

But, when it comes to running this kind of a business (online, small, in-home) he has no idea how to help. Unfortunately for us, I’m not great at teaching him either. So, I cannot just say, “hey can you ship that grey bathroom mitt to Jaime from Virginia?”  or “Can you post Wednesday’s graphic to the Magic of Clean please?”

Because he’ll stare at me like a deer in headlights.

But if it’s ready to go and he just needs to take the box of packages to the post office… then sure! He’s my guy!

So in short — he’s not my business partner, no matter how you look at it and I can’t expect him to love it the way I do or be obsessed with it like I am. It’s just not him and that’s ok with me.

If your spouse doesn’t want to help — no need to resent them. It’s just not their thing. No biggie. Focus that energy on something more important…like your ‘follow up database’ or something.


Here’s to another year you guys! I’m so excited you’ve found my little place on the internet and found Norwex — thank you!!



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