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Summer Essential Oil blends for your dryer balls

Oh, dryer balls! I love dryer balls…when of course they stay in the dryer and not in bedrooms in the laundry basket or worse — under beds!

Anyway — did you know you can add essential oils to your woolly dryer balls to give your clothing a scent in a less toxic way? I know that when I switched to using dryer balls instead of dryer sheets I missed the smell of clean laundry. Don’t get me wrong, clean laundry doesn’t need a smell, but I missed having a nice scent to them.

And that brings me to my favorite EO blends and single oils for your dryer balls for fresh awesome summer laundry! Here are my favorites:

Lemon, Orange, and lavender
Lemon and Orange
Lemon and Basil
Orange and Lavender
Patchouli and lavender
Lavender {it’s just great year round}
Pine and lemon
Love {Eden’s Garden Mix}
Citronella {bonus! It smells like fewer mosquitos!}
Cedar and Rosemary
Lemon and Rosemary
Lemon, lavender, and Eucalyptus


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