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The Norwex Mop System: A mop above the rest


Oh, let me sing the ways I love our mop!

…because that’s what you all want to hear, right? Me singing? Haha!  But no, really, Norwex really does have a mop that’s a cut above the rest. It’s magnificent — and here’s why I think that:

1. Microfiber mechanically cleans and removes 99% of bacteria on a surface.

See, when you clean with chemical cleaners; yes, you’re killing germs and bacteria from your floors but you’re also leaving their dead bodies there too. Your floors are not battlefields, people! Don’t leave the dead behind!

Instead, microfiber mechanically cleans – which means it picks up the bacteria from your floor/surface and removes it completely. When you rinse your mop pad, you’ll release some of them down the drain and the rest will just come in contact with the embedded silver and die while the mop pad dries. Amazing huh? Read more about how silver and microfiber do their jobs here: “Norwex 101: how does the silver work?”


2. Norwex Mops save you money

“Kristi, how in the world does a $112 mop SAVE me money??”

A. When you clean with Norwex microfiber, you only need to use water. No cleaning spray, no mop bucket, no disposable wet pads, no special cleaners for your hardwood floor. Nada, zilch, nothing. Just wonderful H2O.

B. Norwex guarantees their products for 2 years. If anything should go wrong or not work just right… or if you tried and hated the mop {or any product} you can get it replaced, exchange it for something else or return it without worry. You always have me to fix your problems – so no worries. Think back, if you broke your Swiffer…. you would just have to replace it. Even though it’s only 20ish dollars… that will add up every year, on top of the disposable pads and solutions, would it not?

If you used your mop every day for the first year you owned it {which honestly is possible since it’s a dust mop, broom and wet mop all in one} That’s only 30 CENTS a use. Compare that to the Swiffer wet jet system… it’s 1.32/day or 482.11 a YEAR. {based on Target’s current prices and bulk buying twin packs for savings. Dry, wet pads and cleaning solution}

C. Time is money. With a Norwex mop system, you are in and out in minutes. There’s no mop bucket to kick around, dump, replace and wring out again. The entire entry level of my house is hardwood or linoleum. I can sweep and mop with Norwex in about 25-35 minutes. That’s 1 kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, hallway, dining, entry and living room.  Plus, the more you do it the easier it is and the quicker you are.

3. It helps save the planet! 

Saving the planet is important dontcha think? I mean, it’s where we live and it’s a pretty cool place.  You can help save the planet in 3 ways when you buy the Norwex Mop System:

  1. Because you’re just using water and a reusable microfiber pad, you’re not pouring toxic chemicals down the drain and into the local waterways.
  2. Norwex offers recycled wet mop pads – they are made of 70% recycled material from plastic water bottles. Which equals about 3.5 normal sized water bottles that are not floating around in the ocean. This mop pad also supports the Norwex Foundation; a charitable organization that provides support to multiple projects and is a partner with Washed Ashore. Read more about the Foundation here.
  3. When you purchase Norwex through me, as your consultant, you indirectly support animal conservation here in the Pacific Northwest. I contribute a percentage of my earning to the Living Northwest Conservation project; it helps support carnivores and local wildlife here in the pacific northwest. Especially the endangered ones!


4. Best part? You can get a mop for FREE.

Yup, there are a few months a year that Norwex offers this amazing Mop for FREE to hosts! April just happens to be one of those months!


Now, I know, hosting a party? Is that a thing still? It is! I do in-home live and plenty of Facebook parties all year long — they are EPIC. And Facebook allows for anyone in any state to connect. Schedule yours right HERE 

Oh and don’t forget to  join us in our quest to clean and declutter in a year:
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2 thoughts on “The Norwex Mop System: A mop above the rest

  1. Just a question about the mop pads. You mentioned that they are from recycled water bottles and I have heard that many water bottles have BPA in them. Are the mop pads and other products BPA free? Just wondering thanks.


    1. Great question!
      So, short answer: Plastic beverage bottles are made from a thinner type of plastic known as PET, or #1-coded plastic, and are also easily recycled and they are BPA free. These types of bottles are turned into carpeting; fabric for t-shirts, sweaters and fleece jackets; insulating material for jackets and sleeping bags; more bottles…and now microfiber!

      Lemme know if there’s anything else I can answer for ya!


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