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Top Tips before you join Norwex

Guys, I am obsessed with the educated decision. I really think a prerequisite to starting a business should be knowing all the facts. Research and facts.


Make sure Norwex {or any company for that matter} is right for you. 

Do you like to clean?
Do you like it when your family and/or your children help you clean?
Do you hate cleaning, do you wish it didn’t take so damn long?
Do you have friends that clean their homes? Do ya like to make money?

If you answered yes any and all of these questions; Norwex is probably just fine for you!

The point, of course, is to just make sure you do your research before you join a company.  You need to make sure that the product is something you love or love talking about. The product and the company mission should match up with your own personal mission, standards, and goals. If you don’t give a fig about using non-toxic cleaners or if you hate saving money… Norwex might not be for you! 😛


Do your research on the company, yes, but more importantly do your research on the sponsor and the team you want to join:

I’m not saying that your upline or sponsor will make or break you — but having a team leader that you get along with and you just click with, IS crucial. Interview your potential sponsors, ask to see the team groups and maybe attend a team meeting or two. Ask around, don’t just sign up with your cousin because she’s there and you don’t want to hurt her feelings.

In fact, you should check out this article: 61 Questions to ask before joining a direct selling company

Here’s some info about our team right HERE

Beehive_cover phto

Start with your Social Media

Right before you join a company, say after you’ve decided on which one, set up a business facebook page for your new business. While you’re at it, set up any other social media accounts you enjoy using. Two days after I joined Norwex, I started this blog and my business page on Facebook.

The reason for this is so you can announce via social media that you have joined a company and you can create a call to action for your friends and family.

Magic of Clean

#DoItBrave moment: Go LIVE on your personal profile to announce your new company! I know, it sounds like it would be scary, but it will come across so much better in the short and long term. Your friends and family can see your facial expressions and the tone of your voice — it makes you REAL. Not just another post in their newsfeed. It reminds them that you are an actual person… that they happen to KNOW!  At the end of your live announcement — tell them that you’re just getting started and because you don’t want to ever market on your personal page — they won’t see any selling posts because it’ll all be contained over on your nice, new, fresh business page. Or Instagram. or whatever.

Set a goal…or two

Decide what you want to do — no matter how big or small. Write that down and put it all over your home, where ever you will see it. Post-it notes are amazing for this!

Goals are important – you don’t get in the car and drive aimlessly right? Ok, sometimes you do, but that’s more of an “I need time to think moment” right?


Give yourself a destination. With Norwex, you’ll want to start with your first Fresh Start bonuses. One at a time – write them down and go for it! Did you know that you are more likely to reach a leadership level within the first year if you achieve your fresh start bonuses??


Get a friend to do it with you!

Ask someone you would love to work with to join with you — you’ll keep each other accountable and you’ll have fun! Plus it’s great to have someone who you can talk to about ideas and business details.



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