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2018: Theme Word “Visibility”


It’s almost the 15th of January. That’s significant because it’s the day that most Americans start to abandon their New Year’s Resolutions. It’s the day that it’s just easier to go back to the way you were and not the way you want to be.

This year I did not set resolutions – I tried just picking a “theme word” or a “word of the year” instead of a whole slew of resolutions I was probably going to not follow through with. This is where the concept of a theme word for the year makes all the difference. I did, however, write a detailed business plan… but that’s not the same as resolutions.

Theme words make the decisions you make for your life or business all work together. Last year I chose “legacy” because I wanted to keep in mind that this Norwex business was supposed to be built to last. It’s for the long term. It’s going to build a name for our family and create financial change for the next generations of Christensen.


I built my base of customers and behind the scene, systems to keep everything running smoothly. When I work for other companies; I’m more than likely working as an operations manager or operations analyst. I like systems and I like to make all the moving parts work well together. I enjoy seeing a system I’ve built be put to the test and see how it fairs. Then I get to tinker with it afterward to make it better and/or more efficient.

If last year was about thinking and building long-term and strong; then this year was about putting weight on it and testing it. Visibility is about getting people in the door and introduced to Norwex. Visibility is about being seen and taking opportunities I wouldn’t have before because I didn’t have a system yet.  More money making events; vendor booths, online networking; and opportunity events. It’s not just about attending and working these pre-organized events but creating opportunity as well. In fact, starting Monday, January 15th, our “Magic of Clean” group’s “52 weeks of clean” starts! We will spend the next rolling 52 weeks de-cluttering and cleaning up those problem areas at home — if you’d like to join in a {no matter when you’re reading this} join us! We’d love to have you!



Aside from the customer and sales end of this business; I of course; have a sales team to take care of as well. This year, we have re-branded and I’ve set in place a theme for us which then takes care of the growing team culture that’s brewing over there.



I encourage you all to have a plan for 2018 – and if not a detailed plan at least have a theme word for the year. Share below in the comments what you would like to accomplish and what theme you’d love to start for your business or personal life.




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