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A business year in bullet points…

“Journey before destination”


I did not intend to actually post this anywhere for anyone to actually see…. but I’ve changed my mind and here’s why; I think everyone needs to see what happens in a year with any business owner. Direct sales is not easy work. Owning a business is not easy — it’s absolutely a journey that is best discovered along the way. There were so many moments where I thought “that’s it, I’ll just quit”  and then all the work I put in started paying off. It’s lonely, it’s not easy and sometimes you will want to quit. It’s part of the journey.

I don’t want anyone to ever think that this was an overnight kind of thing — this next year of business is going to be record-breaking and I will be unstoppable. That’s my goal anyway.. and I’d hate for someone starting at the beginning to look at those accomplishments and think; she’s so good and it’s easy for her… no, no, no. There is a process and overnight successes are years in the making.  So for the future here is my bullet point journal of my first year with Norwex:

September  2016
  • 9/14  Joined Norwex {With free kit}
  • 9/14 Recruited first teammate {with free kit}
  • 9/28 Recruited next two teammates {with Free kits}
  • Worked on logo, and branding.
  • Made a huge list of people to ask if they wanted to join for free with me.
  • Asked that entire list….mostly.
  • Booked a couple Facebook parties and an event for November.
October 2016
  • 10/1  Started Facebook page and VIP group
  • 10/3  Created Team Facebook group {it still doesn’t have a name…}
  • Played around with other communication means for the team; watsap, crew and trello
  • 10/17 Started planning launch party online
  • 10/18 Bought
  • 10/18  Filled in the necessities of the site, no blogging done; made list of blog ideas
  • 10/27 Launch party! 10 guests RSVP’d  $50 in sales
November 2017
  • 11/5 Vendor fair at the Edmond’s Senior Center. $65 in sales. My 7-year-old son sold a basic pack!
  • 11/16 Rearranged and designed my boards on Pinterest. Removed anything that didn’t convey cleaning and witch-themed things. Decided that the essential oils needed to always be apart of the business branding.
  • Worked a ton on the website. Learned how to format it all and make it do what I want. Created pages and an about me section. Attached my shopping website as a button at the top and created a way to sign up for more information about the team and to subscribe to my email newsletter.
  • 11/17  Decided on “the great thanksgiving cleanup event” 0 RSVPs. I just don’t have the audience for this kind of an event yet.
  • Became aware that giving value was always going to be more important than just selling. Reread “leaders eat last” and “start with why” by Simon Sinek. Still cannot really put my finger on why I’m doing what I do, other than it’s a practical product and I can align all of the things with it.
  • 11/18 Joined Brenda Ster’s book club through the Elite Suite – “You are a Badass” great book!
  • Wrote a first blog post.
December 2016
  • Joined the Socialite suite’s Instagram challenge – made it to day 6 of 31. ha! I’m not very good at this!
  • Joined forces with Maria Loesell to create 1 big team group between our 2 teams.
  • Taught “personal branding” and social media training.
  • Scheduled value and info posts to my Facebook page through June.
  • Created “team layers” At this point, I’m the only one that understands what I’m talking about. I have no idea how to convey this better to other people. Layers refer to the future and a big picture that I want to build.
    Green Guild
  • Mapped out blogs for January
  • Chose “legacy” and “value” as my 2017 words.
  • Scheduled team building and engagement building posts to the joint team group. Used Social media engagement site to track how we were doing.
January 2017
  • Many blog posts (5!) – I learned to batch my writing and schedule them during the month. I just spend one-morning writing and creating graphics and then they are finished for the entire month and I only need to worry about promoting them. Not that I know how to do that right now.
  • Started “Before and After” Wednesday postsScheduled posts out to July.
  • Met up with Maria to plan out our team structure. I think I overwhelmed her…because the ideas were just flowing out of me the more I spoke. We planned for the next “free kit” month, we decided on how to funnel people into the groups and through to joining and then the team group. I created a couple new groups for this – “explorer”, “new consultant” and “leadership” This was all laid out like my “team layers” diagram.
    • I wanted potential new consultants to hang out in the “explorer group until it was time to sign up. Then they would move over to the “new consultant group” they would learn all together and graduate to the regular team group so as to not overwhelm them. I also wanted to just keep them in our team group without dumping them into all of our upline’s groups. Again, overwhelming people was probably not the best idea.
    • Secondly, I wanted to change the way that normal direct selling teams did things. I didn’t want to shove ya’ll in a few million groups and hope for the best. Nor did I want other people training my people. I believe that the smaller groups and moving them through the different group segments would help with culture building and friendship making too.
    • I’ve thought a lot about what the culture of our team should be — what are we made of? Who are we? Where are we going? I really wanted a partner in all of this – someone that would put together the vision for the team with me and then we can go concur the world. My team at the zoo is so good at doing this all together. We plan, dream, create and then execute. I need to figure out how to make this work for this team too.
    • My goal is 20 new teammates added to the team before Spring.
  • Decided on quotes on Thursdays on my Facebook page. Scheduled all that I could find that worked for my business. I am in love with a toadstool forest pic I found.
  • New products were announced. I’m not even sure what I’m going to do with this information.
  • Played with and practiced an Instagram grid in preparation for February’s Instagram challenge.
  • Purchased Facebook Party training – studied and created a TON of graphics.
  • Subscribed to to design things because it was quicker than Photoshop.
  • Co-hosted an online event: “Clean & Organize like a Pro” with a consultant from Tupperware. We had fantastic interaction and engagement during the info posts… but no sales. None. I don’t know why.  ugggh. I’m frustrated with this.
  • First flash sale from Norwex… Teal and Tangerine Enviro. I’m so annoyed with how crappy my parties are going right now, I’m not even interested in posting about this deal. I love the colors but Jesus Christ, why is this so difficult???
  • Everyone in my house came down with the worst cold. My husband had bronchitis and pneumonia for almost a month. He was coughing so hard he was blacking out and falling on the floor.
February 2017
  • Started Instagram Challenge! Almost made it! 17 of 28 days.
  • Gained 102 new Instagram followers during the challenge.
  • Gained 56 new Pinterest followers
  • Planned and Scheduled a Mardi Gras themed party for my FB page.
  • It snowed.
  • Started utilizing my own photography for my blog and video clips.
  • A UK consultant shared my lemon Before and after post to her fan page on FB
  • Gained 2 more followers on my blog and someone commented for the first time!
  • Shared and bought the eggplant kitchen set.
  • Created a video of the household package products and shared with my VIP group. resulted in an $84 order!
  • UK consultant shared my blog post to her fan page
  • Norwex HO “regrammed” an Instagram picture of mine from January and tagged me in it.
  • Someone asked to join my new Explorer group.
  • Finished welcome video for explorer group
March 2017
  • Booked another online party for March 5th.
  • Book club month! We are reading “Big Magic” damn, I love this book.
  • Had to upgrade my happy planner to the bigger rings because I was running out of space. I’ve actually used my happy planner this year and it’s working wonders.
  • Dropped recruiting seeds with a few people. Since there wasn’t a free kit in February I kind of feel like my planning was for nothing. I don’t want to get too far into those bad feeling because that’s just not going to help anyone.
  • Pintrest posts from the blog are actually gaining traction!
  • We moved! To another city no less! right in the middle of the school year… the family needed an adjustment period.
  • Newly set up “studio” for videos and photography! No more taking pictures in the basement or outside for me!
  • I won a Norwex t-shirt during an online team meeting!
April 2017
  • Finished Studio – planned videos using the deck, bathroom and laundry room.
  • Utilized Norwex to clean the entire old house after moving out.
  • Blog posts on Pinterest finally won over old Jamberry posts. FINALLY.
  • VIP group actually up and running  – more customers added
  • Set my computer up on my desk… finally. Running on my phone was annoying.
  • Ordered a bunch of product to try.
  • Won! I won the stainless steel straws from a drawing in my upline’s team group.
  • Scheduled “biz tip Tuesday’s” to the team group — ran for about 10 weeks
  • Researched zero waste and green camping. I’m finding that Norwex is NOWHERE.
  • Wrote a blog post on camping with Norwex. This is the highest viewed post now.
May 2017
  • “New to Norwex” event on my business page. Interaction…again… was great leading up to the event. The event sold nothing. NOTHING.
    • I think  I need to figure out how to drive people to buy a bit better. Maybe it’s about using a custom album instead of taking them to my website.
      • Things to try:
      • Album
      • FB live during event
      • More videos if not doing a live
      • shorter party?
      • research buying psychology.
  • Thoughts:
    • Need to build better community within my groups.
    • Quote from Brenda: “People connect first over shared interest and common humanity”
  • Swapped parties with a Pampered Chef consultant, Ami. Sales were $51.
  • Random order from a dormant consultant came through my website.
  • Joined “sassy pants” by Brenda Ster and the socialite suite.
  • Wrote 2 blog posts.
  • Finished 3 videos for parties {intro, product and thank you}
  • Studied color theory for branding and re-branding. I want to change my look of my website a little bit. I think it feels old.
  • Created “camp” event.
  • Wrote 2,139 words for my book’s first chapter.
June 2017
  • I’m feeling uninspired and annoyed with my business. Why am I even doing this?
  • 48 views on my blog this month.
  • Started reading about how to promote blogs – via Pinterest
  • Started getting a few clicks to my shop site from blog posts. Progress!
  • Home office emailed every known Norwex blogger to invite them to a blogger training. We all have to change our blogs and our websites to be in compliance. I’m super annoyed about this. I have to change a large number of graphics and posts, not to mention the colors and I have to create a privacy policy.
  • Pulled my website/blog off for 2 weeks to complete changes. Started work on banners, colors and then I was inspired to change the layout too.
  • Once it was all finished I was actually excited to show people this website. It looks so good! Plus it was seamless with my Norwex shop site because all of the colors matched.
  • Hosted a “summer solstice” event in my VIP group — called it
    “Midnight Summer’s Clean”
  • 6/20: Went live for the first time in my VIP group – nerve-wracking! BUT I did it. I cleaned my stove live with an enviro and cleaning paste
  • A free kit deal dropped for the last 2 weeks of June for an anniversary special — I recruited 2 new teammates.
  • Contemplated my “Why”  What if our purpose is what we give ourselves? What if, like Batman, we just give ourselves our purpose. No one told Bruce Wayne if he was allowed to be Batman … he just became Batman.
    • I like Norwex products because it’s better for my health and it’s better for the environment. Ok, well. That’s a start.
July 2017
  • 152 Views on the blog! Pinterest is starting to churn out more views to the blog than anything else. I branded my board covers too.
  • Maria and I were recognized for being top recruiters in the month of June.
  • Really busy at work, kind of just focused on blog content.
  • Wrote 5 posts complete with the new graphics layouts and colors.
  • Scheduled them all and created Pinterest graphics.
  • I still have this lingering feeling that I want to quit. Why am I still doing this?? I’m still not making money like I want
  • Told Maria that I may just call it quits in September. I gave it a year, that’s good enough. I don’t have the sales, the online presence I expected or the team recruited. I’m still stuck at square one. *sigh*
August 2017
  • Discovered Tradewind! HOLY CRAP! this is amazing! It schedules to Pinterest!
  • 307 views on blog views! Record-breaking! This feels pretty damn good.
  • Started really thinking about videos. I know I should do them… but I’m so scared that I will fail at this and the feedback will be harsh. There is a tiny voice in my head that says “who cares what they think?? Just DO IT” I can’t help but feel pulled to do this. I am being pulled by my vision to make videos to share with even more people what Norwex can do for them. Plus it’s creative and I need creative things to do.
  • Dear lord, it’s hot.
  • Maria came back from National Conference all sorts of fired up! She brought back tons of notes and the new tools.
  • I ordered new products through conference while Maria was there — mop pads made of recycled plastic! OMG they are amazing!
  • Started taking photos of fall themed things. Skulls and pumpkins are great!
  • Team meeting at my house – Maria shared all her notes and ideas from conference
  • Wrote 5 blog posts. I’m getting the hang of this or something. maybe.
  • Met with someone from Marine Mammal rescue place, to set up a fundraiser. They want to build Washington’s first marine animal hospital. I can’t help but get the feeling that I wasn’t good enough for her.
  • Personally: I organized a baby shower for my brother and his wife, Mr. Christensen and I went to a CAKE concert, there was a solar eclipse AND we attended a wedding reception!
September 2017
  • 924 Blog viewers!!!!!! Best ones are “why does Norwex cost so much” and “what I learned in my first year with Norwex”
  • Wrote 4 posts.
  • Free kit promo this month – I recruited 1 new teammate.
  • Free reinstatement month as well — 1 dormant consultant reinstated.
  • Sent reinstatement flyer to the rest of the dormant consultants on the team.
  • Started planning for the Seattle Home Show with Maria
  • Taught my newest teammates how to do a Facebook party
    • However, the irony is not lost on me… since I cannot actually make sales right now via a Facebook party.
  • Booked 2 Facebook parties myself.
    • One invited enough people, but no one RSVP’d. The party I held for her was a bust as well. I had plenty of RSVPs but the consultant never posted anything. She just put up the Halloween specials and then MIA’d the rest of the party.
    • The other host went into early labor – so we rescheduled.
  • Snapped up Simon Sinek’s new book — “Find your WHY”  I need this book! It’s time to give myself the reason that pulls me along.
  • Booked numerous vendor fair booths for the winter — 2 in October, 1 in November and the Edmond’s Senior Center again in December {my first booth with Norwex was this one last year!}
  • Personally: We went to the state fair as a family for my son’s 8th birthday, school started again, my work did physical inventory {which sums up my entire job there} and my nephew was born almost a month early!

And that’s all folks! Well… that’s all I wrote in my business journal; it’s pretty simple but it’s how I kept track. I will definitely be doing this for the next year — October has already broken new records! I cannae wait to share it with you all!

Until next time – tell me about your business — tell me how your year is going? Have you felt like quitting?


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