September for FREE! {Specials 2017}

spet specials

Let’s start with all the Free Host Specials:

Not only are they freeeeee… but September comes with  new products! Now is the time to add a little sunshine yellow into your kitchen and life with our new sunflower yellow kitchen cloth and towel set. Every time I look at them I cannot help but smile – they are so dang happy!

Hosting a party is as easy as inviting 50 friends on Facebook to a special event or group for a live party online! You could easily earn all the products you want and then some in no time flat 🙂 -cms-media-media-manager-norwex-images-16675_us_hs_sep17_final_lr

See? Makes me smiley!

And for our guests…..

Say ‘hello’ to eggplant! This color is a first come first serve color — it will not last!

Personally, I think the power pack is the best deal here — that magnetic enviro is the best! I just fling mine at the fridge and it sticks!



Book with me, right now!


September fills fast so make sure you grab your spot: Click here to book with me!

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