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How to remove sticky residue in seconds!

How to Remove Sticky Label Residue Naturally…in seconds!


  1. Collect your supplies: the offending sticky gunk, a bottle of lemon essential oil, and an EnviroCloth or thin piece of cloth. Note that this method works best with fresh residue (where the label has been pulled off recently, but will still work for older sticky messes…it just takes a little more time).

    The offending sticky mess my husband left on the laptop, Why he took the label off ….your guess is as good as mine!
  2. Place a drop or two of lemon essential oil (although I’ve used many brands, my favorite is Eden’s Garden) on the sticky patch . Unless of course you are removing sticky residue from a bottle or something that is not flat — then put the drop or two on the cloth and hold it against the residue for a few moments.

    You guys, there’s even a hair in it! Ewwww….
  3. Hold this corner of the cloth over the sticky junk for a few seconds to let the oil start working.
  4. Rub the lemon essential oil into the sticky residue. Depending on how large or dried out the area is, you may need to add more essential oil to the area.
  5. As the residue begins to loosen and lift away, wipe it off with a clean area of the cloth.
  6. Give it a final “polish” with the lemon essential oil.
  7. Ta-da!

Try this on bottles and jars you plan to reuse like:

  • Wine bottles
  • Essential oil bottles
  • Jars from sauces and marinara
  • Cool bottles from other liquids {my Captain Morgan “cannon ball” rum bottle comes to mine}
  • labels on yard sale items or thrift store finds

Wasn’t that easy? What are you going to go clean today?


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