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Why does Norwex cost so much??

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Why Norwex costs more than other microfibers


Hands down, without a doubt. There is a major difference in quality.

This is not microfiber you can get anywhere else. No, it’s nothing like the microfiber you buy at Target or the Dollar Tree. I own those too… they are nothing compared to Norwex’s Microfiber.

Here’s what makes Norwex Microfiber so different:

  • Contains BacLock®, an antibacterial agent woven into the fibers, for self-cleaning purposes. Does your microfiber self-cleanse in between uses?
  • More absorbent than the average item made of microfiber, as it holds seven times its weight in water.
  • Guaranteed: While Norwex offers a 60-day return policy, that’s not even the best part. The best part is the warranty.  All the microfiber products have a two-year warranty. Other products vary in length in warranty, from 60 days to 5 years. And from experience, as a consultant, who has made warranty claims for her customers: Norwex is GREAT to deal with. They don’t give customers a hard time. They offer superb customer service that impresses me every time!
  • Durability: Customers find that their products last them much longer than 2 years. While every customer’s experience will be different, based on the frequency of use, you too will be impressed with how long they last!
  • 1/200th the size of a human hair: To compare that to other microfiber products you use, think of it this way. In order to be defined at microfiber, the fibers are split at least 1/6th the size of a human hair. Compare that to the Norwex microfiber. With a difference of 194 splits, you can see why Norwex is that much better in quality than others. And ask yourself this about the microfiber that you buy at the hardware store – Do you know how many times it has been split? That’s always hard to know because it’s not on the packaging (I look, every time)!clean house


How long does that toilet cleaner actually last you??

When you look at the costs between, say, our Blue Diamond bathroom cleaner and a store bought bathroom cleaner… the price looks a little scary. No joke, why would anyone buy a bathroom cleaner that’s $29.99?? I mean, they do the same thing right???

Well, sort of. You may buy a bathroom cleaner at the grocery store that’s a couple bucks, but you’ll need to use a bunch of it for it to be as effective as the blue diamond. You need to buy more every couple weeks because let’s face it cleaning up after families is a messy business and frequent cleaning is needed.

Blue Diamond, as with many of our cleaners, is a concentrated enzyme formula. So, you only need a little, and that means they’ll last you a long time! You don’t need to be intimidated by the cost of the Blue Diamond, compared to your ‘regular’ bathroom cleaner. This will last you MUCH longer than the other brands, that you typically need to replace every few months.

One product that has a history of lasting a long time is the Cleaning Paste. This comes in a container as a hard cake. You only need to scrape off a little bit for your job. That means that it will last you a long time. A year. Two years. Perhaps even three, depending on the types of jobs you’re using it for (and it can be used for so many!), and how frequently you use it. You’ll have to put it in your will, otherwise, your children will fight over it.

Or what about the Leather Shine. This is a versatile product, like the Cleaning Paste. You can use it on couches, boots, shoes, purses, coats, saddles, belts, car interiors and dashboards. And yet – you use it all the time, for so many things, and it continues to last for YEARS.

You get me!

I got you! Always! Look, cleaning is difficult enough… who’s got time to go figure out which cleaner you need or where to buy it. I’m your cleaning consultant fam! Here are some examples of what I mean:

  • You received your new products, but you’re not sure how to use them. Contact me, and I’ll walk you through it!
  • You’ve had your products for a year, but are suddenly encountering a problem. Easy. You just contact me, we’ll talk through it, and figure it out together.
  • You have a cleaning problem, but not sure what product to use, and wonder where to start.  I can help you with that!
  • Uh-Oh. Your product has broken/fallen apart and it’s been less than the warranty period.  I’ll get a replacement sent! It’s that easy peasy

me and necklace

Math — it makes sense:

Norwex cloths are reusable, washable and last for up to two years! They reduce the number of paper products you buy over and over again. On that note, check this out:

I get it, the cost can look intimidating. I totally feel you. I signed up with Norwex on a free to join month, I was looking for a good deal and I just wanted to see if it was going to work. When I opened my box.. I thought “this cloth is going to clean it all? hahahaha! suuuuurrrrrrre. Hey, at least they sent me the green one!”


Boy, was I wrong! I’m really happy I was too.

Every time I get my hands on a Norwex product I hadn’t used before, I admit that I’m surprised by them. I always begin as a skeptic, and turn into a lover! These products are practical, made with quality, and are going to last me longer than the ‘average’ product. They work, they work well, and also make a real difference. My home is a safer place for me,  and my family, because of these products.

Oh yea, and you can get it for freeeeeeee

You can actually get Norwex for FREE! Norwex is a party company. So, when you help Norwex by telling your friends about the company, you are rewarded with free product. A business model that rewards its customers? Awesome! Hosting a Norwex party is your opportunity to tell your friends about a great product. Something practical that they’ll use, every day. You’re sharing a product that makes a difference in their life because it’s radically reducing the chemicals in their home. You’re not pushing your friends into buying. You’re offering them a game-changer in their homes!



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10 thoughts on “Why does Norwex cost so much??

  1. I’m a consultant too, and I just had to comment that I agree with this post 100%! I’m a skeptic at heart and everything I’ve ever tried I’ve been impressed by! Also, I use Eden’s Garden EOs with a few of my products too. I just did a party last night and showed how I clean the floors with just water and add a drop of edens garden lime essential oil and the house will still smell great! Good, honest review of the products!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I appreciate that 🙂 I’m so in love with how well our products work — it’s almost too good to be true when you read the descriptions. Norwex always proves me wrong! I’ve also never thought to use lime EO — I should try that. I usually use lemon or lavender. {So cliche! lol}


  2. Love your website !! Cute, colorful, informative!! Im a consultant too and always reading everything I can on the products.


    1. Bren,
      Thank you so much! I’m humbled that others not only read my content but like it too! I’m also pretty grateful that people like me for me. Thank You! Good luck with your business!


  3. I am so glad I read this. I did not know there was a warranty. I really love my cloths. The bathroom cleaner sounds awesome. I am married to a mechanic and have two young kiddos so I know it would come in handy and if it will last as long as you say, I believe the price is worth it.


  4. I love your page I just became a consultant today and love the products! Hoping to create something like this! Can’t wait to get more stuff to try


    1. Aww thanks! It takes time to get a blog to a good point. Just keep at it and know that it will all come together in time. Good luck!

      If you need help or have questions let me know!


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