September for FREE! {Specials 2017}

Let's start with all the Free Host Specials: Not only are they freeeeee... but September comes with  new products! Now is the time to add a little sunshine yellow into your kitchen and life with our new sunflower yellow kitchen cloth and towel set. Every time I look at them I cannot help but smile… Continue reading September for FREE! {Specials 2017}

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How to remove sticky residue in seconds!

How to Remove Sticky Label Residue Naturally...in seconds! Collect your supplies: the offending sticky gunk, a bottle of lemon essential oil, and an EnviroCloth or thin piece of cloth. Note that this method works best with fresh residue (where the label has been pulled off recently, but will still work for older sticky messes...it just takes… Continue reading How to remove sticky residue in seconds!

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All the Freeeee things in August! {2017}

Let's start with the FREE Host rewards:   IT'S MOP MONTH AGAIN!!! That means on top of the Window cloth, Envirocloth, Veggie scrub cloth, A CAR CLOTH, You receive a FREE Large Superior Mop set! {You guys... this mop set is $112 in the catalog!} Plus your choice of free product toooooo. Can you tell… Continue reading All the Freeeee things in August! {2017}

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Why does Norwex cost so much??

Why Norwex costs more than other microfibers Quality. Hands down, without a doubt. There is a major difference in quality. This is not microfiber you can get anywhere else. No, it's nothing like the microfiber you buy at Target or the Dollar Tree. I own those too... they are nothing compared to Norwex's Microfiber. Here's… Continue reading Why does Norwex cost so much??