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Enzymes in Norwex Products

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Does Norwex Work? I’ll help you understand the science behind Norwex products that use Enzymes to do the dirty work. 

Norwex chooses to use enzymes because they are a healthier alternative to the harsh chemicals that are proven to be harmful to our bodies.

But the question is; what ARE enzymes anyway??

Here’s the low down:

Enzymes are proteins. They are produced by all living organisms and act as catalysts to speed up chemical reactions that would otherwise occur at a much slower rate or not at all.Enzymes break down large particles into smaller pieces. Then, these smaller molecules are digested to carbon dioxide and water.

Facts about enzymes:

  • Enzymes take part in and accelerate a chemical reaction, without being consumed themselves in the process.
  • An enzyme has a limited lifetime, and it is, therefore, necessary to provide a fresh supply.
  • Different enzymes digests different materials.
  • They also have different tolerances towards heat/cold, pH and the presence of oxygen.
  • Enzyme molecules are far too complex to synthesize by purely chemical means.  The only way to make them is to use living organisms.
  • Norwex has created different products, for different jobs, because the use of enzymes in cleaning products requires the correct organisms for the job.

Norwex products that feature enzyme power:



This product is great for coffee and wine stains, along with ground-in dirt, grass stains, vomit, feces, urine, food, mold, mildew, and blood


But you know what is the neatest part? This product continues to work for a few days after use and will leave no residue on the carpet once thoroughly dry.







The enzymes keep feeding until everything is eradicated, and once there is no longer anything left for the enzymes to feed on, they disintegrate. This is a great product especially for those who have dust mite allergies. You can use it on more than mattresses too – furniture, pillows, stuffed toys, rugs, etc.


Every morning I would wake, and reach for my inhaler (for my tight chest), and then spend the next 30-40 minutes sneezing repeatedly, as my system rid itself of the stuff that had accumulated in my sinuses and chest during my night’s sleep. I used the Norwex Mattress Spray on our bed, pillows and duvet, and waited to see if it would help. Two weeks later, I didn’t have to use my inhaler after waking! No longer was my breathing labored in the morning, and the sneezing attacks stopped! This mattress spray is worth it’s weight in gold! (Pattie, Saint John, NB Canada)



The bacterial spores in this formula work to eat up the organic matter that is causing odors. So, you can dilute this concentrated formula with water, in a spray bottle, and spray it on the offending items. Where you have bad odors like mildew, smoke, garbage, stinky feet smell, this product is best at doing the work! You can also just spray it in the air, on your furniture, car seats, or in your shoes. AND, a capful of the concentrated formula can be used in a load of laundry for smelly clothes. AND, it can be used for floor mopping and carpet cleaning! Boom!


The enzymes in this formula break down baked-on carbon and food deposits. It also prevents them from re-depositing on the cleaned surface.  ’Nuff said!



I gotta say, this product is a bit of a wonder. The fast-acting microbes and enzymes in this formula break down and eliminate organic residues that cause odors in shoes, equipment bags, and sporting equipment. The microbes feed off food sources like sweat and urine. The microbes release enzymes that break it all down into water and carbon dioxide. I can’t help myself – Sportzyme is awesome!

So, get yourself some of our enzyme based products, and have yourself an awesome time cleaning and deodorizing your place/car/sports gear up!


Comment below — tell me if you like this and if it was useful to you. What product are you trying next??


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