Let’s talk customer service

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This necklace will always remind me that customer service is not about you, the seller and how important and lasting the impression you make is with your service.  Customer service is never over when you think it is — your customer will think about it long after.
I won’t share details as to why this necklace reminds me of such… but let’s just say this jewelry rep was a doozie.

me and necklace

Bad customer service is defined as:

> Ignoring your people and/or their problems. Look, if there is a problem with your product or your customer didn’t get their package, it’s YOUR job to fix it. Not your home office. Not your home office’s “customer service” call center. You. It’s your business, it’s your job to fix it and make it right. You are not an employee, you are an independent contractor, which means the company you represent is not your boss. They did not employ you – you represent them. You are the face of the company. That’s your job. They pay you to take care of the customers.

> Acting like you’re doing your customer a favor by placing their order or shipping their items. Arrogance is not attractive on anyone. Trust me.

Bad customer service is not acceptable within the direct selling profession.
Here’s why:

> Your product is not unique to you. There are 100k other representatives of your brand in any given company. Sometimes more. If you customer service is bad, your customer will just buy from someone else.

> I know I’m not the only one that knows a few reps from any single company. Even if I didn’t, it would be very easy to hop on over to a company’s website and use their “consultant search” box.  This is the same reasoning behind personal branding … you are the unique-ness about your business, not the product. Your goal is to stand out in a sea of other representatives from your company…but in the best way possible. You feel me?

If my Scentsy lady didn’t treat me well, I would just go pick another. Thankfully, my Scentsy lady is the bomb, and this post isn’t about her. But the point is, I know 10 other Scentsy girls. If Elizabeth didn’t treat me right, I’d get my smelly goods fix from someone else. {and if you have no idea what Scentsy is… where have you been?? It’s amazing! Click here to check out Elizabeth’s site} In fact I ordered from her this morning! 

> Direct sales is a relationship based business. Bad customer service or lazy customer service is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. It’s hurting your business and it leaves a lasting impression. Why would you shoot yourself in the foot before hiking up the mountain??

Every interaction with your customers and your circle of influence is not one and done. You create a lasting impression about you. Your reputation is built whether you know it or not.

Remember what I said about relationships? Your customers like to share information and stories with their closest peeps: their friends, family and coworkers. Bad customer service is the easiest thing to complain about to these close people or worse: social media.

Unhappy customers on average tell 10 people about their dissatisfaction with a company or representative – 10! That’s before they post about it on Facebook. Not to mention, finding new customers is more work, costs time and money. 

The average happy customer tells less people than the unhappy ones if the service is acceptable but not crazy good. Your goal is to make them sing your name off the rooftops. You should outshine all your competition and for good reason — you’ll make more money. 

Bottom line – treat your customers like they are your best friends and your business will grow immensely.

Share with me your thoughts! How do you make your customer’s feel all warm and fuzzy?


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