My Favorite Conservation Organizations

  As most know, and even if you don't, I work for a conservation organization and I have a profound love of conserving animals. Although I love conserving our planet and the animals and plants on it - there are just a few animals that have a special place in my heart -- so I'm… Continue reading My Favorite Conservation Organizations

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35 ways to use cleaning paste

Clean and polish stainless steelClean porcelain sinksRemove ink or stains from countersClean and de-grease stovesDe-grease oven doorsRemove soap scum from tubs or shower floors Remove dried hairspray from styling toolsDe-grease microwavesRemove rust stainsMake tennis shoes look newRemove hard water stainsRemove scratch marks from dishesRemove armpit stains from clothingRemove burn marks from posts, pans, and appliancesUse… Continue reading 35 ways to use cleaning paste