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5 Green Camping Tips with Norwex

5 Green_

Ah, Camping… my love! Some of my best childhood memories are while we were camping as a family. My brother and I actually got along during camping trips! ha!
There is something magical about the forest, it has always called me. I love trees and I just can’t stay away.  I was taught at an early age that we always leave a camp site better and cleaner than we found it. It was absolutely disrespectful to the forest to leave any trash or to remove natural things. Leave no trace right? That always made me think about the gear we bring camping… how much waste really needs to be packed out? What if we just brought less or less wasteful things?
Now that I’m a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant, I discovered that we have solutions to a lot of camp waste that is usually packed out or thrown away {Eek!}
I enjoy taking less, and less weight ya know?

Wanna take less, pack out less, throw away less??? Read on my friends…. 


Tip 1: Microfiber 

Microfiber has been a staple for camping and hiking for a very long time, mostly due to it’s ease in absorption and it’s quick dry time.  You can literally dry off with a small microfiber cloth and hang it out to dry in minutes. Their smaller size, which makes them lighter, are ideal for hikers. I don’t know about you guys but the less I have to pack for a family camping trip the better!

Mini Enviro Cloths — come in a smaller size and in all 4 colors! Makes it easy to color code your family.

Norwex’s Microfiber Enviro Cloths are super ideal for this because they self purify after proper rinsing and dry time. They contain micro-silver which inhibits bacterial growth and since it’s  mechanically cleaning, it picks up everything from a surface.

Enviro Cloths come in different styles: Classic, Scrubby Corner, and Magnetic. Also pictured: Kitchen cloth in granite, kitchen towel in eggplant.

Camp uses for the Enviro Cloth
Dry dishes
Dry bodies after swimming
Wipe out tents and tent walls
Wipe up messes on the picnic table
Clean up the camp stove…
…plus more!

Tip 1.5: Other Microfiber to make life easier:


Especially if you are camping with kiddos – the Sports Towel is excellent for drying off and it drys FAST! Nothing worse then hanging your towel to dry after swimming or cleaning up just to have it still damp  the next afternoon. {However, having a dry towel wasn’t an issue when I camped in California as a kid, but here in Washington…. damp, damp, damp, EVERY DAY} I hate having a damp towel or damp clothing head back home… I just know it’s all gross in my bag making everything all gross….but that’s just me. Who wants to unpack and do laundry right away after getting home?? Not this lady! That’s for sure!

You can also roll up a swim suit or swim trunks in this super absorbent towel to squeeze the extra water out of them so they also dry faster.

My second honorable mention in the microfiber category; The Body Cloths.
Wanna get the kids clean but don’t want to figure out filling something and  warming that much water? There are campgrounds that have showers, but I prefer a more rustic off the road kind of campground… that just means my kiddo gets really dirty. Ha! The body cloth requires no soap  — you just need WATER. I warm up a little pot full of water on the camp stove and get the cloth  wet, wring it out and wipe him down! Just like the enviro cloth, they have silver embedded in them. Body cloths will scrub ya clean and take the gross away in the cloth. Then just rinse and hang to dry!

309031-Baby-Body-Pack (2)
Body cloths come in a pack of 3 for extra savings!




Tip 2: Keep drinks and food containers covered

No one wants bugs landing in their drink or their food… ever.  These are washable, reusable silicone lids for mugs and bowls. {they also make great garlic peelers… but that is a story for another day}

Bowl lids – come in 2 sizes and both in a pack


I use the mug lids at home and at work, all year long. It keeps me from spilling! It also retains the heat in the mug. Every mom of toddlers needs one of these mug lids. Too many are stuck with cold coffee that was forgotten. *sad face*

Mug lids come in a pack of 4 so you will always have one handy!





Tip 3: Remove sand and dirt before entering the tent

Keeping ones tent clean is essential for sleeping well and keeping your gear in good shape for many years to come. Camping gear should be one of those things you buy once every 20 years…. if you keep it nice.

Dirt, sand, pine needles and who knows what on the bottom of feet will come right off with a dusting mitt. I know, it sounds weird but it works!

You could also have a carpet outside your tent too for added protection, but I find with my peeps, they uh, just dump their shoes on it and nothing more. If provided a mitt though, they will spend the time cleaning up their feet.

During the last camping trip we planned, my 7 year old son decided he needed his own tent and he was going to ignore my “no shoes and please clean your feet before getting in the tent” rules.  He spent all morning pitching his tent, getting everything ready inside WITH HIS SHOES ON. He was not happy that his sleeping bag was full of pine needles, rocks (!) and dirt. He learned the hard way why it’s so important to have clean, shoe-less feet.

Tip 4: Ditch the plastic

This one goes hand in hand with the silicone lids for bowls and mugs {they are included in this bundle!} Far too many years I saw  campers packing in a TON of waste. Paper plates, straws, plastic cups… you name it. You can’t burn that plastic and it doesn’t biodegrade for 700 years {or so they suspect anyway} It is so much easier to bring reusable products — this bundle makes it easier to not only purchase the products but store them too! You can pick up your bundle HERE


Tip 5: Wash yer dishes and keep the water clean too!

Last but not least – bring a dish soap that is biodegradable and safe for plants and water systems.  It doesn’t have to be Norwex brand, there are plenty of safe soaps out there that do a great job! I also highly suggest a netted dish cloth though, it drys super fast and it’s super scrubby without taking up much space. It also won’t harbor germs like a sponge!


Alright you guys! Go have fun this summer! Be safe and be GREEN!!!!!




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