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Norwex Microfiber with BacLock® | How does the Silver Work?

101_Silver work

Silver is pretty damn amazing — it creates cellular zombies.



Lemme start from the beginning: This is your handy dandy Norwex Enviro-cloth {in green because that’s how we roll around here}  and you’ve just cleaned up a gross mess in your kitchen. *shakes a fist at the kids*  You know that you then rinse your cloth out in hot water and hang it to dry and it will “self-purify” because of the micro-silver embedded in the fibers. Silver self-purifies the cloth by inhibiting the growth of the germs and ick you’ve picked up.

Silver has been used by ancient and modern civilizations to treat open wounds. It’s used in hospitals now too, to wipe out bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.  The American Pioneers tossed silver coins into their water storage barrels to keep the water fresh and even now,  micro-silver has been used in water purification in many cities since the 70s.

That all sounds cool and all but that’s never been a good enough answer for me. I like to know why and how. I was totally that really annoying child that asked a MILLION questions of my parents because the internet just didn’t exist yet. *sighs* my poor parents.

So, back to ZOMBIES, shall we?

The really cool stuff happens after you’ve picked up the gross mess with your cloth. The microfiber sucks it in and traps it all within the weave of the cloth. Then the silver goes to work  — it inhibits the growth of germs by sticking to the sulfur found in protein.  By doing that it disrupts the sulfurs desire to group up and how the bacteria use iron that enables growth of germs.

Here’s where it gets really cool —  Because the sulfur cannot actually bind to the iron any longer the silver causes the bacteria to produce a toxic {to itself} substance called reactive oxygen species. This then damages the inside of the cell, harming the DNA, proteins and even the cell membrane. Plus, Silver is lethal to bacteria AND yeast.


Bacteria killed by silver, store silver in their cells – making them deadly to other bacteria. So under normal, non-Norwex microfiber circumstances silver infused dead bacteria then float around killing all the other bacteria around it. Like a freakin’ ZOMBIE!

Of course, you won’t have any zombies in your cloth, ever, because of the microfiber — but do rest assured the bacteria won’t stay alive very long trapped in that cloth.

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