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FIND your vision

It’s January! Not to be cliche buuuttt, let’s talk about the future…this year… plans and such.

I know, some of you are sitting there, staring at your phone thinking “Kristi, I’ve already thought about my goals… I’ve already put them down. Or, I dunno what to write so I just haven’t yet.” Lemme talk to ya about this for a sec – Goals are fantastic to have, they are fantastic to accomplish… but they mean nothing without a reason “why”. Actually — you are less likely to accomplish your goals if you do not have a ‘why’.


A vision is a future that is invisible to everyone but you unless you let them in on it unless you paint the picture and show them what’s in your mind’s eye.

There’s a lot of thought leaders telling people “create your vision” you have to have the vision to be successful. Some big, bold, change-the-world vision.  You need a vision, yes, but it doesn’t need to be written/created by YOU. That’s a lot of unnecessary stress on the vast majority of us who aren’t Steve Jobs.

So here are my thoughts; FIND a vision that speaks to you. Jump on board with a vision.  If you are a consultant within your company, find out your leader’s vision, or their leader’s. Or the companies mission.  There are definitely visionaries out there — people who have a sense of a different future and the ability to express it.

“It is just as inspiring to follow a vision that resonates with us as it to have our own. Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, Thomas Jefferson, Elon Musk all expressed their visions and did things that inspired others to follow them. Some joined the organization, some contributed to the cause, some did work for it all. Regardless — all these followers FOUND a vision and chose to follow it. They didn’t have to come up with one themselves.” -Simon Sinek Together is Better. 

Dig a little; see what you can find. If you have a vision, share it below!
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