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How to Deep Clean your Norwex Cloths

How to Deep Clean your Microfiber

I LOVE my Norwex microfiber cloths – all of them; the Enviro Cloths, Face Cloths and Kitchen Cloths.  I use them to clean everything in my house, including myself.

For the first few months after getting them, I thought that “sour cloth syndrome” was a thing of the past – my Norwex cloths never smelled bad – I was a happy cleaner!  Within about 4 months, however, my beloved Norwex cloths began to smell sour, just like my cotton cloths – GROSS.

I tried boiling them – still smelled; soaking them in vinegar – still smelled; washing them in really hot water…. all as recommended,  but the cloths were still stinky.  Then I remembered a bit of advice another Norwex consultant had given me about deep cleaning the Norwex cloths when they’ve been used for REALLY dirty or greasy jobs – give them a deep clean using the Norwex Laundry Detergent.

So, I soaked them in my kitchen sink with a few scoops of the Norwex Detergent, rinsed them with warm running water, and then tossed them in a hot dryer.  The smell?  GONE!

I was a little horrified at the color of the water in the sink after the cloths had soaked – brown; even after boiling them and laundering them beforehand… these were supposedly clean cloths.  I guess it’s an example of how amazing these little cloths are at picking up and holding dirt.

So if you have Norwex cloths that smell awful, don’t despair!  Here’s how to get them smelling like new again:

How to deep clean your cloths

(For degreasing and stinky, smelly microfiber cloths)

1. Fill sink or bucket with boiled water water
(boil water in a kettle or in a pot on the stove).


2. Dissolve Norwex Laundry Detergent in the water.  I use 1 scoop of detergent (2 Tbsp) for every liter of water.  Yes, this is WAY more than what you use for a normal load of laundry, but necessary to really deep clean your cloths.  You will need to make sure that your cloths have room to move in the water and are completely submerged, so be sure to use enough water and adjust your Laundry Detergent accordingly.


3. Add the cloths, and soak for at least 30 minutes.  I also agitate them a little to get the soap and water moving through the fibers.

4. Rinse each cloth thoroughly with hot water, wring the water out, then

5. Dry the cloths –  it’s best to toss them in a hot dryer, but you can hang them to dry as well.

norwex 002

If you Norwex cloths were REALLY smelly, you might need to repeat steps 1-3, until the point where the soapy water isn’t brown when the cloths are mixed in with them. 

Your Norwex Microfiber cloths should smell clean and odor free!

If you would like to know more about our microfiber deep cleaner and laundry booster powder and how I deep clean microfiber with that product; check it out HERE

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